During the last ice age, about 10,000 years ago, you could walk from beyond the SW coast of Ireland, right up the English Channel, take a diversion up to the Shetland Isles, and then walk across to Denmark. No North Sea at all. To get where we are today means there has been an average rise in sea level of at least 1.25 metres every century. By comparison, the rise for the past century is four inches. Hardly an alarming increase. Indeed, it shows a dramatic decrease in the rate of rise due to the obvious fact that most of the ice caps have already retreated thousands of miles. If anyone disagrees with the official figures, please quote your references. I am using figures from an inter-governmental geophysical commission. The trouble with modern life is that people these days listen to politicians and tweets in the chat rooms rather than the scientific community.

The Confessions quote a Spanish farmer on rivers. Hardly science, but please let us know which river used to be used for swimming in the summers but has now dried up. Do remember that in the fifties Andalusia wanted Madrid to construct a canal to divert water from the Ebro to cope with the arid south. That aridity is nothing new. Douglas also forgets to mention that in the nineties, year after year large parts of Southern Spain were hit with horrendous floods. That’s what happens when ocean currents change, as they did in the nineties. I’m not the only one who used to get stranded on the main road to Gibraltar due to the floods.

And of course, Almeria has always been classed as desert in modern times.

To see the charts I am using go here: https://www.property.org.uk/unique/blogs/Climate%20Change%20Charts.html

Part three next week.

Dr John Clare.