I have ‘been owned’ by cats in the past – I say that, as you always get the impression that you are being graced by their presence, and are being tolerated in their space!

Cats are pretty independent creatures, and they sometimes have behaviours that are totally weird. Knocking things over is one. For no apparent reason, your cat randomly starts batting things off of the table and calmly watches it fall to the floor. This is simply the cat being curious and potentially bored! He might need stimulation with some new toys to try and curb this naughty habit (though unfortunately, it’s only you that perceives it as being naughty).

Chattering their teeth is another weird behaviour - a fast and intense teeth chattering- especially when they spot a bird while gazing out of a window. It’s possible that this is because your cat is frustrated that he cannot get outside to hunt the prey, is excited and slightly aggravated! Another theory is that this strange jaw movement may be your cat’s natural instinct that allows their muscles to prepare for the act of killing prey. Surprisingly, this behaviour is completely normal for your feline.

How about rubbing?

We see this as affection (which it is) but the cat is also rubbing their scent on you (and the furniture), claiming you as his property. You should be flattered!

Kneading your lap

Your cat presses his paws into you, and massages with alternate feet - this traces back to their earliest days of nursing and mimics pressing on its mother’s teats to encourage her milk production. When your cat does this as an adult he is either content and showing that he is happy, or he is trying to alleviate stress and the habit is one to calm him down. Either way, take it as a compliment that you remind him of his mother!

That sneering look

It’s called the Flehman response. When a cat displays this weird face, he is basically analyzing a particular scent.

It’s used primarily for analyzing pheromones from other cats, especially the ones found in urine, but a cat will use it for other interesting scents that require more thorough investigation, too. Put something with a strong scent that he’s not smelled before under his nose, and watch his face!

Curling up in places that seem way too small

Like that cardboard box in the corner – instead of that comfy bed that cost a fortune at the pet shop. Small spaces make your cat feel safe and secure. If they were out in the wild, they would not want to be unprotected in an open area because this would make them more susceptible to predators. Felines also have a natural instinct to ambush, and by hiding in small tiny spaces they are able to watch and observe their surroundings from a distance.
(I still don’t know what’s wrong with the bed!)

Oh, you want to read?

Well, no doubt you have already discovered your cat is very good at draping itself over your book, newspaper, laptop - even your knitting. It’s just his way of getting your attention, in his opinion you are obviously ignoring him!

Drinking from a running tap and ignoring the water bowl?

This is a throwback to being wild, he would have drunk water from a running source rather than a puddle that might contain bacteria - he’s just instinctively playing safe.

A cat eye blink

Often referred to as ‘kitty kiss’, is a common cat behavior. Cats’ eyes communicate information depending on how open the eyelids are, they blink at each other, as well as at the humans they trust, with a slow eye blink ‘cat kiss’ and you can do it back! Cats that use this non-threat signal are able to smooth their interactions with other cats. Cats staring at each other is an aggressive move of one trying to dominate the other, so if you like to watch your cat, blink and yawn occasionally to show him you are not threatening him.

If you catch your cat eating non-edible stuff such as wool, cloth, plastic or even metal, this could be a sign of a rare condition in cats called pica. Often the cause of this is unknown; however, some proposed reasons include mineral deficiencies, anemia, hyperthyroidism, genetics, boredom, and stress. If your cat is showing symptoms of pica, it is time to have a full examination by your vet in order to rule out any underlying problems.

I read this recently: ‘In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods, and they have not forgotten this’ – this pretty much sums up a cat’s attitude!