After Easter, I applied online for the vaccine and the application, containing a southern Irish Mobile number, was submitted successfully. Another expat told me that he had to go down a different route to make sure he got the jab. He suggested that I might not receive a response to the application if a non Portuguese number was provided.

Even though I have had no reason to visit a doctor here, somebody else recommended that I register with the local clinic. Luz Doc, here in Luz, directed me to the health authority offices 100 metres from their clinic. “You must go to Lagos”, was the response from an unhelpful receptionist who failed to provide any information as to where one might go in Lagos.

With no text or phone call ever received, I have given up and have had to make arrangements to return to Southern Ireland for a couple of months to make sure of getting the jab.

Paul O’ Byrne,
Praia da Luz