I have had 1 vaccination here in Portugal and have an appointment to have my second today. But the SNS24 say I cannot have it because I returned from the UK yesterday. All over the media they are saying the priority is to get people vaccinated but I cannot. I live in Portugal and was only in the UK for 11 days and the rules were changed when I was there. I quarantined for 10 days before returning to Portugal and have had 5 laboratory PCR tests in the last 12 days, all negative. I see in the news that António Costa had 1 PCR test and was able to leave quarantine. This is clearly a case of Politicians not wanting to adhere to their own rules. They are happy to imprison everyone else but for them it is clearly not applicable, when they should be leading by example. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to avoid doing the quarantine, I am simply wanting an exception to get my second vaccine dose which all the ministers (Cabrita, Sales etc) are reported as saying this is the nations priority. This is completely crazy, unfair and stupid, and I think this is something that needs to be reported to the public.

Best regards