"The fixed-term temporary employment contract is not subject to the duration limit of paragraph 2 of article 148 and, as long as the justifying reason remains, it can be renewed up to four times", state the updated law.

A PS proposal was also approved which provides that, after four years of temporary assignments by temporary work companies or another of the same group, these companies are obliged to integrate workers into the staff.

"The duration of successive temporary employment contracts for different users, concluded with the same employer or company that is in a controlling or group relationship with the latter, or maintains common organizational structures, cannot exceed four years", states the proposal.

Members of the working group also unanimously approved a PCP proposal on the article of the Labour Code that clarifies working conditions for temporary workers.

"The worker is entitled to holidays, holiday and Christmas allowances, as well as other regular and periodic benefits, in cash or in kind, to which the user's workers are entitled for equal work or work of equal value", establishes the initiative of the PCP.