The company has 12,500 trips for €5.25 and the campaign will run until April 2023.

"The four daily Celta trains (2 in each direction) connect the cities of Porto to Vigo, departing from Porto - Campanhã at 08:13 and 19:10, while, in the opposite direction, departures from Vigo are at 08:58 and 19:56 (Spanish time). All trains make stops at Nine, Viana do Castelo, and Valença", explains the company.

The company recalls that these promotional actions took place throughout 2022, "mainly in festive seasons and were very well received by the public, thus contributing to a sustained growth in demand".

"This fact justifies the commitment of both companies to launch yet another campaign, especially since it covers the periods of Carnival and Easter when, usually, there is a large movement of customers".