The global transfer report reveals an increase of 11.6% compared to 2021, for a total of 20,209 international transactions, showing Portugal as the fifth country that received the most money, with 532.6 million euros, converted from dollars at the exchange rate today, and the ninth that paid the most, with 160.5 million euros.

“For the first time, Portuguese clubs made more signings than any other association, with a total of 901 during 2022. Brazil, on the other hand, transferred the most out of the country, with a total of 998”, indicates the FIFA study.

Brazil 'sent' 338 players to Portugal, the biggest flow of transfers between two countries, much higher than the second most voluminous, in the opposite direction (from Portugal to Brazil), in a total of 166, which helped to make national clubs the fourth main 'exporters', with 677 athletes, just behind Brazilians (998), English (836) and Spaniards (778).

Those numbers do not have a proportional reflection on the financial inflow, since Portugal is the fifth country that received the most money, behind France (681.2 ME), Germany (588.2 ME), Italy (568.6 ME) and England (552.7 ME), despite having two transfers in the top 10 most valuable.

The signing of the Uruguayan Darwin Nuñez by Liverpool earned Benfica 75 million euros (possibly reaching 100 million euros) and was only surpassed by the move of Frenchman Tchouaméni from Monaco to Real Madrid (80 ME, which could reach 100 million euros), while the Colombian Luis Díaz, transferred from FC Porto to Liverpool for 45 million euros (up to 60 million euros), starred in the ninth biggest deal.