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Welcome to The Portugal News 'Time Machine' our history Page

On these pages you will find extracts from our oldest editions going back into the 1970's and 1980' long before we had an electronic on line version of the paper. Here you will find articles and pages that give fascinating insights into major events, town & villages as well as prices at the time, and even restaurant reviews (prices were a lot cheaper!).

We are constantly adding to these pages, so please check back from time to time into our Algarve "Time Machine" and travel back to life here in the 70's and 80's. Divide Escudos by 200 to get today's value (more or less) in Euros. A 'conto' was slang for 1,000 Escudos.


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Extracts, reports and photos from our editions from the 1970 and 1980's. These are PDF scans of sections from old file editions, so please understand that the quality will not be as good as modern technology now permits.
This page is still under construction and more items are being added constantly.

Do you have old menus, photos or other items from the 70's and early 80's. Please send us a scan in PDF or JPG and we will see if we can integrate them in this important & growing archive of Algarve 'as it was in the beginning'.

Please call 707 500 655 if you need help or information

We all like to look backwards

Once we started looking into some of the very earliest copies of what was then the Algarve News, even we were fascinated. Could you really buy a new villa for £27,300? What did it cost to eat out, what were people buying and selling in the classifieds (they were called Small Ads and then Trading Places at the time). Photos of Charles and Diana when they got married, and yes, Diana did visit Portugal, and worse, for fun, was said to have "tweaked" the Prime Ministers braces at a formal dinner. What about the "New Highway" (but not the A22) Front Page April 1979 when British Consul Dr Jose Azevedo laid out his dreams for the Portimão harbour and predicted the day when "Portimão will be jam packed with free spending trippers from ocean going cruise ships". It took a few more years (over 30)

These pages will give you a wonderful glimpse into what life was like in the Algarve about 30 years ago, so read and enjoy, tell your friends, and keep coming back as we add more pages and articles. Join our Facebook Fan Page (there is a link on the left) as we announce new pages there. Already within a couple of weeks, we have had to break this down into several pages, and our readers love it.


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