Re: Crit-Brits

in Lettere · 16-04-2021 01:00:00 · 0 Commmenti

Editor, with regards to the email from Roberto Knight my husband and I agree strongly with the comments.

My husband is Irish, I’m English. We have enjoyed this beautiful country for six years. We find the Portuguese people friendly and charming. The red tape here can be tedious, as it can in any country. For those ex-pats who moan and criticize about life in this paradise they should go else where and let the rest of us enjoy and appreciate this beautiful land and wonderful people.

With regards to the people returning to the UK because of an Insulin pump, try speaking to your doctor or pharmacy. They will surely have an alternative, maybe a little different but will work! We do NOT live in a backward country ... just ask!

Pam Bow,



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