Eating out or dining in is a common dating activity, so if you and your partner enjoy sumptuous food regularly, you might like to know which dishes from Portuguese cuisine are the best for a date. Users from iwantu shared their knowledge of the finest of tasty treats from Portugal, and we have provided a shortlist of these mouth-watering recommendations.

Caldo Verde

The perfect start to your date night would be preparing some awesome Portuguese soup. Originating in the north of the country, Caldo Verde translates as ‘green broth,’ and consists of various traditional ingredients, guaranteed to create a splendid cocktail that will tantalize your taste buds. The basic contents for this recipe are the titular greens referred to (leafy vegetables such as broccoli or dark cabbage), although kale is also widely used. You will also require potatoes, olive oil, black pepper, salt, and sometimes garlic and onions. You have the choice of incorporating a meat dish, typically ham hock, or slices of chorizo sausage.

The beauty of this appetizer is that is wholesome and bursting with flavors, making it wonderful for setting the scene for your liaison. It is very easy to prepare, and can be enjoyed equally in the depths of winter, or when the sun is baking. To give this meal more of a Lusitanian vibe, add broa – a thick bread popular throughout Portugal. Alternatively, you can choose a plain artisan bread, ideal for soaking up the soup.


Portugal basks on the eastern shores of the Atlantic Ocean, so it’s hardly surprising that seafood often features prominently on Portuguese menus. You could say the locals are obsessed with this dish – prepared from the freshest of cod. The Portuguese claim there are hundreds of different ways to cook this marine delicacy, one for every day of the year! Again, this is perfect for lovers because it has such rich flavors, and you can vary the ways you serve it up. So how would you prepare your bacalhau for your partner? You can bake it, grill it, or simply drop the slices of white meat into a shallow frying pan. Mixing the fish with scrambled egg adds layers of piquancy to the meal, while you can also blend in potatoes, onion, or garlic. Olives are another recommended ingredient, and a topping of finely-trimmed parsley can provide the finishing touch.


Sticking to the seafood theme, sardines might seem like something you would remove from a tin and add to toast for a snack, but in Portugal it’s often vital to far more meaningful feasts. Should you and your loved one ever plan a weekend break to Lisbon, or take a stroll through the Portuguese vicinities of other cities such as New York, the scent of fresh sardines being grilled will get your mouth watering. These delightful morsels are particularly enjoyed during the two-day Feast of Saint Anthony, which falls on June 12th and 13th. You could pencil these dates into your diary and use this as an excuse to prepare sardines for your loved one. Who needs Saint Valentine for a romantic occasion when you and your significant other can appreciate the wonders of the sea on Saint Anthony’s Day?! Serve direct from the charcoal grill, or marinate with olive oil and add salad, potato, or rice.


Much as the Portuguese relish their banquets, they are equally enthusiastic about faster foods. Bifanas are a traditional sandwich, consisting of succulent pork strips, marinated in olive oil, and served atop crunchy Portuguese bread. When you are preparing the marinate, you can drop in all sorts of mouth-watering additives, ranging from garlic or paprika to white wine. These sandwiches can be meals in themselves or served with a bowl of fries to make more of a full-bodied feast for you and your partner on Portuguese date night.

It’s plain to see there are more than enough Portuguese delicacies to provide an extensive menu for a series of candlelit dinners. Add sensual Iberian dance music to your playlist for your special get-together, and you will have created the perfect recipe for a memorable and romantic evening. The menus enjoyed are rich, tasty, and incredibly varied. Once you begin experimenting with variations of these culinary delights, your date nights will be legendary!