You can enjoy your pool anytime if you have a solar heat pump. It will also keep your water at the temperature you decide. Depending on where you live, heating can account for 35% of your entire winter power bill. The benefits of a solar heat pump are the energy savings they offer. Solar heat pumps are a great choice due to low maintenance and environmental impact. They are a super renewable resource.

Solar heat pumps don’t suffer from blockages and there are no motors or fans. You don’t need to rely on assistance from anyone calling at your home every week or fortnight to keep them in order, and they require very little maintenance. They are easy to install and they last – around 15-20 years which is far longer than electric or gas heaters (which last about 5 years). Better still, you won’t hear them running. All this adds up to more time in the pool and less effort, for a lot less money.

Casa Verde’s pool heating pumps have two different operating modes:

Smart Mode
Intelligent operation according to the need for heating your pool water; power variation up to 100% of its capacity (used in the first days of the season, until the desired water temperature is reached);

Silence Mode
Intelligent operation with limited power variation to 80% of its capacity making it even quieter. Advisable for after the desired temperature has been reached.
Enjoy summer and maximise your outdoor pool usage

Casa Verde can help you choose the best pump based on:

  • Size of swimming pool
  • Frequency of use
  • Running costs (if you don’t have a solar system)
  • Performance of the heat exchange and compressor

Determining the correct size and capacity of a heat pump is easily done by our technicians. We factor this by size of the pool and the difference between the air and water temperature. To balance the heating load, we also allow for wind exposure, humidity levels, mean evening and night temperatures.

Save even more money – invest in a swimming pool cover. Combined with a solar heat pump, they allow all year around usage, and are the perfect combination to reduce your electricity consumption and maintenance.

To calculate an approximate heater size for an outdoor swimming pool, calculate the volume/m3 of your pool (this is going to depend on the length, width, shape, and depth of your swimming pool).
Need more information, then ask for our dedicated brochures on heat pumps and pool covers.

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