Caveat Emptor II

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EDITOR, It is over a year since I was diagnosed with cancer. I have spent the time having treatments, recovering and battling Multicare.

Eventually Multicare paid for my operation but this was only after the hospital allegedly rejected several lower payment offers from them.

Approximately 6 months after having radiotherapy, Multicare paid 50% of the costs, even though I had an e-mail from them stating they would pay 100%. The battle for the rest is still ongoing.

Multicare’s customer service is appalling. The record, so far, is 8 weeks to answer an e-mail. They have only been efficient twice, and both times the excess on my policy was more than the cost of treatment. This means they did not have to pay anything.

Multicare do not seem to have many people who speak English. My Portuguese is fine for day to day living, but is not good enough for technical issues.

I feel that if you do not speak Portuguese fluently; think very carefully before trusting Multicare with your medical insurance.

Peter D Massey,
By email


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