Monica Cozacenco, Operations Director gave me this insight. “I guess it is all down to planning and a little bit of luck”, she chuckles. “In the first week of May we had huge exposure to the brand both locally and internationally. Our vendors’ properties were exported across the world on portals that work and, crucially, with our VE, which has differentiated us from other main stream agencies. Clients can use the VE and make a quick decision. Those that have been able to physically view the property have been able to filter their search down to properties they know they will love. This way, no-one has wasted time or money by having to pre-guess from pictures alone. It’s been such a success, beyond anything we would have imagined.” are aiming to provide a VE on all of their listings but demand is such that it is taking them a little longer. Colin Hayle, the Marketing Manager is not surprised. “This technology is long overdue. I’ve been involved in promoting and selling properties for over fifteen years and it is only now that clients are getting the information they deserve. 3D walkthroughs, aerial drone videos and CGI implementation are still the tip of the iceberg. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. And importantly, fundamentally, this is getting the properties sold, which is the whole point.”

I asked if technology could ever replace the salesperson? Jamie O’Doherty, Sales Manager, replied “technology can only go so far and we need to match its capabilities with human knowledge and skill. It can’t answer all the questions. It can’t recommend a great investment or negotiate on a client’s behalf. Yes, it displays our clients’ properties in more detail than ever before but we still need to work hard to build trust and give the personal touch. Our great start is not down to one thing. It’s a combination of everything. Working hard, as a team, for a common goal”.

With perfect timing a delivery driver entered the office holding a crate of Champagne. I asked that we open one and we raised a toast to an incredible start and the exciting future of Jamie was right. Technology can’t replace everything!