Summer weather returns

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After a tumultuous week of unseasonal weather, the sunshine and high temperatures return to Portugal.

Lisbon: Saturday will be bright and hot with highs of 30 degrees before cooling slightly on Sunday to highs of 28 degrees thanks to intermittent cloud cover. The remainder for the following week will be very similar with a mixture of sunshine and cloud and daily highs of 29 degrees and nightly lows of 17 degrees.

The north: There is a very slight chance of rain on Sunday in the north but on the whole it will be warm and dry with temperatures averaging highs of 22 degrees and lows of 14 degrees. Temperatures are to increase slowly as the week progresses up to highs of 24 degrees by Wednesday.

The centre: Clear skies and high temperatures are predicted for Saturday with highs of 30 degrees, while on Sunday slight cloud cover is expected. By Monday the cloud is to clear again and as the week progresses temperatures are to rise slowly to daily highs of 32 degrees and nightly lows of 19 degrees.

The south: Blue skies and high temperatures are expected this weekend with temperatures peaking at 29 degrees with nightly lows of 19 degrees. The fair weather is to continue throughout the week although some cloud cover is predicted on Wednesday, however temperatures will remains steady.

Madeira: Intermittent cloud is predicted over the weekend with most cloud expected on Sunday. Temperatures throughout the weekend and the following week are to remain steady with average daily highs of 24 degrees and nightly lows of 19 degrees.

The Azores: Heavy rain is expected on Saturday although it will still feel mild with highs of 22 degrees and lows of 17 degrees. The rain is to ease on Sunday before returning again on Monday with showers predicted for throughout the week and average daily highs of 23 degrees.

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