In a statement, the PJ said that as part of the nationwide operation to combat illegal streaming, 13 searches were carried out, nine at home and four away from home, and nine people were arrested, six men and three women aged between 35 and 55.

In addition to these detainees two more defendants were also constituted.

The PJ said that one of the arrests occurred in flagrante delito for possession of several types of illegal firearms.

During the operation, according to the PJ, various evidentiary materials, namely, six server racks and various other computer materials to support criminal activity, the balance of bank accounts, about eight thousand Euros in cash and a car were seized.

"The investigation began in 2019, having collected relevant evidence for the dismantling of this criminal structure, which was dedicated to the sharing of illicit access to television content through the service of 'streaming' by IPTV", is referred to in the note.

The PJ says that the suspects promoted conditional access to television services on the Internet, received fixed amounts from hundreds of subscribers and made significant profits from this illegal activity.

The damage caused to the telecommunication operator, owner of the broadcasting rights, is estimated at around half a million Euros.

The detainees will be presented to the judicial authorities for the purpose of applying coercive measures.

In the investigation participated the PJ, through the National Unit to Combat Cybercrime and Technological Crime, with the support of the Northern Directorate, Southern Directorate, Évora Local Unit, Technological and Computer Forensics Unit, and also the GNR Special Operations Corps, in an investigation led by the Department of Investigation and Prosecution of Sintra.