We get a glimpse of quiet spots in cities, beautiful hideouts in the wilderness, meditation retreats and ancient corners around the world. In other words, places you can get lost in or find yourself!

Whether you are a student, retired, love to travel even as an armchair tourist this book caters for all.

Get ready to visit Paris, old churches, New York, museums, galleries, gardens and many other wonderful locations. Some may be familiar others will be new; either way there will still be a lot to enjoy.

The author, Victoria Ward is a journalist and magazine editor for food and travel publications. She travelled solo through South America, contributing articles to national newspapers.

I liked the layout and thought the photos were great. They are accompanied by captions. Although not all the locations have a photo there is still enough information you may find intriguing.

I have added quite a few places to my bucket list for when we can travel again until then this makes a great escape from the current troubles we are faced with. This is perfect daydreaming material and looks great on a coffee table!