“My goal was to have people from the county on my list. I spoke with many who vote for Chega but no one wanted to be on the list for fear of reprisals,” Paulo São José told Lusa news agency.

According to the 54-year-old food retailer, born in the municipality of Aguiar da Beira, district of Guarda, and residing in Porto, the list that competes for that municipality “is entirely made up of supporters from Porto”.

Paulo São José said that he accepted to be a candidate for the Ponte da Barca Chamber “because of the enormous passion” he feels for the municipality.

“I really like the area and I think a lot more things can be done that are not being done,” he said.

The Chega candidate, who has completed his ninth year of schooling, said that he is “betting on the youth to support” his candidacy.

“We want to create a technological centre for youth, for youth creativity, to support youth a lot”, he said, guaranteeing that it is also the intention of his application to “clarify the accounts of the City Council”.

In addition to the Chega party candidate, Augusto Marinho from the PSD party is aiming for a second term, while Pedro Lobo for PS, Afonso Graçoeiro Gonçalves for CDU and David Nunes for CDS-PP, are running for the local elections.

In the 2017 municipal councils, PSD won 67.81 percent of the votes and six mandates, PS got 17.68 percent of the votes and one municipal mandate. CDS-PP 5.62 percent and PCP 3.86 percent of the votes.

Local elections take place on 26 September.