• Sustainability,

• Digital Transformation,

• Housing;

• Protection of the most vulnerable consumers.

Expanding free Wi-Fi access points, creating municipal housing counters and strengthening the Municipal Social Emergency Fund are some of the measures included in DECO’s agenda, which takes in the local needs that consumers have in general.

DECO considers that “digital pressure, an ecological transition, inclusive housing and social protection will certainly be the biggest challenges that the inhabitants will face.” For that reason DECO believes that is important to focus focusing local policies on those citizen needs will contribute to a better quality of life and well-being.

Taking into consideration that "many citizens have lost their incomes and their savings, there are many people even at risk of social exclusion, so local authorities have an increased responsibility to reduce the weaknesses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic", said the General Manager of DECO, Ana Tapadinhas.

The association emphasises that “it is our goal to work in partnership and shoulder to shoulder with local authorities, in order to defend the rights of all citizens.”

To contribute to this reduction, DECO publishes a set of recommendations, such as the promotion of the use of renewable energy, adopting and creating self-consumption solutions in homes and the encouragement for the use of more sustainable public transport.

For further information, please have a look at https://deco.pt/


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