In a statement, the municipality states that the mayor, Basílio Horta, "determined the prohibition of access and permanence on municipal roads and inside forest spaces, as well as on forest paths, rural paths and other roads that make up the entire perimeter of the Serra de Sintra, today, the 13th of December, due to the heavy rainfall".

The ban on circulation and staying in forest areas is in effect until 23:59.

The mayor also appeals to "all citizens to avoid any travel, by any means, in Serra de Sintra, due to the high risk".

"The appeal to citizens is clear: reduce your trips to what is strictly necessary and stay safe", says Basílio Horta.

The Park and National Palace of Pena, the Moorish Castle, the Convent of the Capuchos, and the Park and Palace of Monserrate will be closed as they are located in the forest perimeter of the Serra de Sintra.

"Because it is a forest area with a high number of visitors, it is essential to safeguard a perimeter to protect people and goods in the current meteorological context”.


A source from the local authority told Lusa that the Palácio da Pena was being evacuated at around 1pm, in order to ensure the safety of visitors.

The National Palaces of Sintra and Queluz were also closed in the meantime.