British residents in Portugal are now able to get their new post Brexit residency cards, and while initially there were problems in making appointments, now many people are finding difficulties in generating the payment information which you need to do before you are sent the physical card.

To help to clear this up we have put together a helpful guide to complete the process.

Step by step guide

Once you have had your appointment with SEF (see here for details of the process), you are then asked to log back on to the SEF Brexit portal to be able to pay for the card which will then be sent to the address that you provided to SEF at the time of your appointment.

Once on the site, click on the Yellow box “Apply Now”.

Then click on the box “Authentication”, you will then be asked to enter your login details of the email address associated with the process, and the password you have created for this. If you cannot remember your password then you can choose to recover this and a new one will be sent to your email account.

Once into your account, at the top of the page, you are presented with a series of yellow buttons. To generate the payment details you need to click on the € sign. Then you click on your name (in blue), scroll down then click on the date highlighted in blue, then scroll down further where you will read more details about your process and there will be a yellow box with a printer icon next to the payment document number – click on this.

When you scroll down again further you will be presented with a pdf document – this is what you need to be able to make the payment for the new card (€15 for a 5-year card and €18 for a 10-year card). You can choose to save this document or print it out if you would like it as a reference.

The document provides you with a reference for the payment and the amount needed to pay. Please be aware that SEF advises that once you have created this document you may need to wait up to 48 hours for the references to be able to work – In my case, I tried to pay immediately and the reference was rejected by my bank, when I logged in one working day later I was then able to make the payment.

The easiest way to make the payment is using online banking, however, you can also do this on a multibanco ATM machine or in your bank itself.

To pay online or on the multibanco you need to choose the following options:

  • - Pagamentos e outos serviços
  • - Estado e Sector Público
  • - Pagamentos ao Estado

Then enter the reference number you were given on the pdf document and the amount to pay.

I was told to expect my card to be delivered to me after two weeks but that there may be a longer delay due to the influx in demand, my card however arrived within 10 working days.


Originally from the UK, Daisy has been living and working in Portugal for more than 20 years. She has worked in PR, marketing and journalism, and has been the editor of The Portugal News since 2019. Jornalista 7920

Daisy Sampson