Although they didn't find a "smoking gun" to conclude there is proof of extra-terrestrial life, "The Phenomenon appears to be REAL."

"The Phenomenon" is a term that has come to describe the whole topic of unexplainable anomalies. "UFO" only includes an object. It doesn't include all the "high strangeness" of cattle mutilations, abductions, telepathic communication, aliens, time travel, downloads, missing time, bigfoot, near-death experiences, ancient prophecies, astrology, religions, or lights in the sky. Is a light-in-the-sky an object?

Probably if it's unidentified.

Complicated and controversial

It's a complicated and controversial topic, lined with professional career-ending landmines. We can all agree we need more evidence, and so far, the Governments of the world have shown extreme reluctance even to consider the topic.

The US Government admitted that the 1953 CIA-led Robertson Panel directed the government to "remove the special status of 'flying saucers." You can learn more about this on my YouTube Channel, Lehto Files, but the CIA created the UFO stigma in the 1950s. Also, since governments provide most funding for science and are actively trying to discredit the study of UFO’s, that means science doesn't research UFOs. Since there is "no evidence of extra-terrestrial life on earth," there is "no sense in spending money for nothing." Since no scientists are seriously looking for extra-terrestrial life on earth, the self-fulfilling prophecy yields no evidence.

That is now changing. With the world-wide-web dedicated investigators and scientists from around the world can pool forces. UAP Expeditions, or UAPx, leads the charge to get open-source evidence investigating The Phenomenon.

Notable encounters

The May 2022 movie "A Tear in the Sky" portrayed the first UAPx investigation into the Catalina Islands. The islands off the coast of San Diego are famous for their large great white shark communities and tic-tac sightings. Nearby was the notable Nimitz encounter where Commander Dave Fravor, in his F18 fighter, intercepted a "white tic-tac" for several minutes. With multiple witnesses and radar technical information from ships and aircraft, the Nimitz engagement is the most credible event in modern times. UAPx founders Gary Voorhis and Kevin Day were key witnesses in that event and went back to the local area to get evidence to share with the world.

The lead scientists, Dr. Kevin Knuth and Dr. Matthew Szydagis, gave a 3-hour conference of their initial results on June 5th, 2022. They didn't find "a smoking gun," but they found A LOT. They covered two significant incidents among the four listed.

The first incident was an apparent "hole in the clouds." Multiple sensors detected something at that time. Dr. Szydagis passionately explained their new "cosmic watch" device. The cosmic watch is not your grandma's Geiger counter.

Where a Geiger counter only determines if a particle is detected, newer radiation detectors like the cosmic watch can identify what kind of particle is hitting the sensor. When a significant particle detection occurred on July 16th, 2021, the team cross-referenced their optical video cameras and found what appeared to be a hole in the clouds. Dr. Knuth explains the spot wasn't there 7 minutes earlier and had some strange visual artifacts. Either event alone is not a big deal. Still, the combination of events led the team to consider the possibility of a significant energy event linked to an energetic hole in the clouds. Like a portal?! These are initial preliminary results, so they continue to analyze, but they are still quite interesting!

The second event they released was the video capture of an orb-shaped UFO. They used two night-vision devices and a high-grade movie camera to capture the object. It didn't flash like an airplane or drone, and it turned so it couldn't be a satellite or meteor. What's great about this event is the power of multiple camera capture. Now the team can try to triangulate the position and give us size and speed. The biggest thing we can do to get more data on UFO events is to capture them with multiple offset cameras.

Positive trend

Although we still don't have clear, irrefutable evidence of alien life, the current trend of decentralized open-source science is very positive.

The UAPx team did have some lessons learned. They decided to walk a more tentative line with Hollywood. They are doubling down on small technology tools like the cosmic watch. They have better-infrared sensors to integrate. And they want to improve their operations to get better timing coordination and to film continuously from several known locations. They realized the power of multiple camera positions. They are also moving forward with advances in cosmic watch technology and, most importantly, sharing that information with the rest of us so we can improve our techniques!

UAP Society, my WEB3 investigative company, is using these lessons learned as we set up our expeditions to Nevada and elsewhere early next year. (We are currently looking for a Portugal expedition location! Do you know of any HotSpots? Contact me through The Portugal News).

The decentralized science revolution has begun. We need to rely on something other than the closed-minded views of governments and academic institutions. Using modern technology and pooling our efforts, we can find out what is happening around us.

Thank you to UAPx for doing the expedition and to the Scientific Coalition of UAP studies (SCU) for hosting and organizing.

Check out my YouTube channel, "Lehto Files." Support any/all of the organizations above to get involved! Watching also supports :) Have you interacted with "The Phenomenon"? Lights in the sky?

Abductions? High energy sites? Ancient sites? Crazy events? Let us know at The Portugal News!


Chris Lehto, ex-F-16 pilot, and YouTuber, combines aviation expertise and passion for the unexplained to investigate UAPs. He founded the UAP Society, funding decentralised research into alien existence using NFTs.

Chris Lehto