“We are more prepared, so prepared that I think we have never been so prepared in this sense, which is the preparation of: 'each person knows what he has to do, at the right time'”, said Carlos Moedas (PSD), in statements to Lusa.

Asked about the bad weather recorded in the early hours of Tuesday, the mayor of Lisbon indicated that the situation “was worse” compared to last week, on the 7th and 8th of December.

“In number of occurrences, it was double. [On Tuesday] there were 600, last week there were 370, so we are talking about a magnitude, something that lasted much longer, that had more impact and that was more complex ”, he said.

Due to the floods registered on Tuesday, 47 people were rescued, not all of which were related to damage to homes, some were in vehicles and others felt unwell, according to the mayor of Lisbon.

Regarding the flaws pointed out by opposition councillors, namely PS, PCP, BE, Livre and independent elected by the PS/Livre coalition, the mayor of Lisbon replied that what was done now in the preparation and response to the bad weather “nobody ever had done before”.