According to a report by ECO, last year, the average annual salary of people employed full-time in the European Union was €33,500 gross. However, the situation is not the same in Portugal where the average income is below €22,000.

Data from Eurostat reveals that €52,000 separate the annual salary in Portugal from that in Luxembourg (the country at the top of the list for wages). Portugal is also only €10,000 off the average salary in Bulgaria at the bottom of the list.

Luxembourg, Denmark, and Ireland are the countries in first, second, and third in the rankings with the highest average wages. In these countries, the average salary is €72,200, €63,300, and €50,300 gross per year.

Portugal appears in 17th place in the ranking, out of a total of 26 Member States, surpassed by countries including Slovenia, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Estonia.

The countries with the lowest wages in Europe are Latvia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Greece, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. The last three have the lowest values of the Eurostat indicator, with €13,000, €12,600, and €10,300 gross per year.