The prison sentence, according to the court ruling, will be served by João Carreira, 19 years old, in a prison for non-imputable persons.

Despite the conviction being less than five years in prison and admitting, therefore, the application of a suspended sentence, the court understood that "neither the community is prepared to receive the defendant back", nor João Carreira "is ready to return to a life outside" prison, so the dangerousness of the defendant led the collective of judges not to suspend the sentence.

In the ruling, the panel of judges presided over by Nuno Costa, considered that the requirements for the crimes of terrorism with which the defendant was accused by the Public Ministry (MP) had not been met, nor the crime of training for terrorism that had been requested by the prosecutor during the closing arguments.

In this way, the defendant was acquitted of the two crimes of terrorism of which he was accused by the MP.

At the end of the session, Jorge Pracana, the defendant's defense lawyer, was satisfied with the court's verdict, ruling out terrorism crimes, which was the most serious charge made by the Public Prosecutor's Office, and expressed concern about the " state of mental health in Portugal", both in "public hospitals" and in "prison facilities" where João Carreira will now serve his sentence.

"In February, he said that this case was going to make history and that this case was certainly not terrorism. Justice has served its course and the decision is a decision that we fully endorse", he stressed.