“In average terms, the value of rents is, in 2021, €334, an amount that in the previous Census was €235, according to the Marktest website.

The data "shows that prices ranging between 200 and 399 euros are the most frequent in Portugal, representing 40.4% of rented accommodation".

In total, 30.1% of rented accommodation has an income of less than 200 euros and 17.7% has an income equal to or greater than 500 euros.

These values show, however, "important differences in the different councils", says Marktest.

"In the municipality of Cascais, 46.6% of rented accommodation has a rent level above 500 euros. Lisbon (41.8%) and Oeiras (40.9%) close the set of municipalities whose percentage of accommodation with equal rent or more than 500 euros is above 40%".