The choice of this word, which received 53 percent of the votes, was justified by the "invasion of Ukraine by Russia [which] started the biggest military conflict in Europe since the Second World War [1939-1945]".

In the second place, with 18% of the voting intentions, was the word “inflation” followed by “urgencies”, with 6.6%.

In 4th place was “queen”, with 5.3%, and “Energy”, with 4.8%, ranked 5th, followed by “drought”, “abuse” and “cyberattack”, respectively with 3.9%, 3.2%, and 2% of the votes.

Closing the list were the words “nuclear” and “interest”, both with 1.7% of the votes scrutinized.

The list of ten chosen words was voted for online, between the 1st and the 31st of December.

Last year, in Portugal, "vaccine" was elected "word of the year", succeeding "saudade" (2020).