The Government approved on Thursday in the Council of Ministers a resolution that recognises that the floods caused by the intense and persistent precipitation that occurred in December 2022 in the North, Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve regions, as well as in January of this year in Alto Minho, constitute "exceptional situations".

According to the executive, the bad weather caused damages of 293 million euros (ME) and the volume of support to be granted amounts to around 185 ME.

In response to a request for additional data from Lusa, a source from the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion indicated that in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon (AML) losses of around 178 million euros (60.7% of the total) were recorded, in the North region 38 ME, in Alentejo 62 ME and in the Algarve four million euros.

According to the Government, 69 municipalities reported losses related to the bad weather in December and another 10 with the heavy rain that fell in January, especially in Alto Minho.

In the AML, the municipalities that reported the most losses were Lisbon (38 ME), Loures (35 ME), Almada and Oeiras, with 16 ME each.

In the North, Caminha indicated 6.5 ME, Valença 4.6 ME, Ponte da Barca two million euros and Viana do Castelo 1.8 ME. In the North region, IP recorded 12 million euros in damage to roads and railways.

In Alentejo, Fronteira indicated 18 ME, Avis 8.3 ME, Ponte de Sor almost six million and Campo Maior four million euros. Damage to roads and railways amounted to 9.2 ME.

In the Algarve, Faro reported damage of two million euros and Vila Real de Santo António of 1.6 million.

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