"I'm going to say something that probably won't interest you, but I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the president of the Portuguese Football Federation because what he said to me makes me proud. The fact that he said that I wasn't his first choice, but the only choice. That makes me proud, but I decided not to go. I refused, because I'm happy here", revealed José Mourinho, after Roma's triumph (1-0), against Genoa.

The Portuguese coach's statements end up not corresponding to what the president of the FPF, Fernando Gomes, said when he presented the Spaniard Roberto Martínez, at Cidade do Futebol, in Oeiras.

“After defining the profile, we spoke with a lot of people, but I can say that the only concrete proposal we made to be a coach was Roberto Martínez”, said Fernando Gomes, then, in a press conference.

The Spanish coach has been officially named as the new national football coach, succeeding Fernando Santos, having signed a contract valid until 2026.

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