Not only due to the teaching conditions but also for historical reasons and special architecture, UC is in the top 10 of the most beautiful universities in the world, next to institutions from Canada and even China, Coimbra is the only Portuguese city, with university facilities, mentioned in the article.

GEO highlights the famous Biblioteca Joanina, as well as the cloisters and the Botanical Garden, of the oldest university that still functions in Portugal. Being more than seven centuries old, UC was considered a World Heritage site, by UNESCO, in 2013.

To The Portugal News, Amilcar Falcão, the university rector said that UC's main focus will always be “education and science”, and added that it is with joy that they welcome the news that the “institution is being recognised by an international publication as one of the most beautiful in the world.”

The publication was made by a French means of communication, which may enhance people’s curiosity in visiting Portugal from France, when it comes to visiting the University of Coimbra, as also mentioned by Amilcar Falcão, who states that the platform UC Space of Knowledge, where it is possible to make online visits, through a smartphone.

The facilities of UC receive “annually thousands of tourists” that want to discover all the corners of the institution, in 2023, Amilcar Falcão states that there will be certain celebrations regarding the 10th anniversary of being part of World Heritage by Unesco.


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