According to Victor Cortina, Corporate Manager and Channel Sales for Portugal and Spain at American Airlines, the North American airline will once again have daily flights, connecting the Portuguese capital to Philadelphia, in the USA.

“Demand is starting to show up and travel agencies are starting to make reservations, we are now going to start promoting the Lisbon – Philadelphia route, this year, with a renovated B787-900 Dreamliner”, said the official to Publituris, recalling that, in 2022, the year that marked the resumption of operations after the interregnum due to Covid-19, the demand for American Airlines flights between Lisbon and Philadelphia was “very satisfactory”, since the load factor was high.

More US passengers

“Most of the season saw overbooking”, says Victor Cortina, explaining that the percentage of US passengers on American Airlines flights to Lisbon was higher than that of Portuguese passengers.

This year, Victor Cortina says he has even better expectations regarding the Lisbon-Philadelphia route, largely due to the use of the renovated B787-900 Dreamliner aircraft, and there is even hope that it will be possible to “maintain or increase” the load factor recorded over the course of the year.

American Airlines flights between Lisbon and Philadelphia will run until October 28, the date that marks the end of the IATA summer, but Victor Cortina is confident that, if the operation goes as planned, the flights can become annual.