In a statement, the ministry specified that in 2023 the Deployed National Forces are expected to commit to 31 military missions, which, he underlined, represents an increase of 200 elements compared to "the number initially foreseen in the previous year".

This forecast does not include the rotations that usually occur every six months in contingents.

The plan for 2023 foresees an increase in national participation in NATO missions and new missions within the scope of the European Union and bilaterally.

Within the scope of NATO missions, capacity building is foreseen within the framework of "deterrence and reassurance measures on the eastern flank, in the context of Russia's aggression against Ukraine".

In addition to the Deployed National Force that is currently in Romania, an increase in resources from the Navy, Army and Air Force is expected, reads the statement.

Still in this context, the Armed Forces will integrate the new mission of the European Union of military assistance to Ukraine, which will "provide initial, advanced and specialized training to the Ukrainian armed forces in the areas of military instruction, deactivation of explosive devices, nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological, and medical assistance in combat".

The Ministry of National Defense highlighted two new missions at the bilateral level, "training the armed forces of friendly countries", namely in Timor-Leste and São Tomé and Príncipe, following the "results achieved by the mission developed in Guinea-Bissau".