Defense Minister Helena Carreiras said, this Monday, when asked about sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, that the country is "talking with partners about the possibility of contributing to this constitution of this capability of Ukraine".

According to the minister, the decision cannot be taken "in isolation", stressing that "it is necessary to understand that this is a decision that has to be collective".

"There is no date for them to be sent, nor has any decision been taken on this matter," she said.

Questioned about whether most of the 37 Leopard 2 tanks that Portugal has are inoperative, Helena Carreiras indicated that "there are different elements to consider, both in the constitution of the capacity itself and questions that have to do with the operability of the means".

The minister reinforced that the main concern is to articulate national "capabilities" with the need to help Ukraine, "which is permanent and will continue".

Last week several countries announced the supply to Ukraine of Leopard 2 heavy tanks, made by Germany after Germany authorized the transfer of the tanks, and the United States the supply of Abrams tanks.

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