Can you figure out the meaning of the parts in bold?

Leonor: Pai, I have a test on opposite words at school tomorrow.

Pai: Opposite words?

L: Words like good and bad, longo and short, cheap and caro, right and errado, dia and noite… Will you help me study?

P: Claro que sim! Let me think… Are you tall?

L: Não, I’m not alta. I’m baixa. But elephants are altos!

P: They are! Are elephants magros?

L: Não, os elefantes are not magros.

L: Os elefantes are gordos. And you are a bit gordo

P: No I'm not!

L: I’m just kidding! Faz-me mais perguntas, pai!

P: Deixa-me pensar… Is that store fechada?

L: Não, a loja is not fechada. It’s aberta. I see people inside.

P: Are there a lot of people?

L: Não, not many. A loja is not vazia, but it’s not cheia either. There are only poucas people.

P: Are they crianças?

L: Não, they’re not crianças. They’re adultos. They’re not jovens.

P: Am I jovem?

L: Não, you’re not jovem. You’re velho.

P: O quê!?

L: You’re mais velho than me!

P: Okay…

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