The activists of the General Climate Strike approved more protest actions, including a lawsuit against the Portuguese State, new strikes, more school strikes outside Lisbon, and a protest at the gas terminal, in Sines.

"The objective is to say again that it is not enough to strike at classes, although that is important, but there is a need to mobilise people to do more than that, and from the Global Climate Strike, on March 3, we point to the occupations in April", explained Alice Gato in statements to Lusa, at the end of today's meeting in Coimbra, which approved a set of initiatives to raise awareness and mobilise the population.

"Among the demands is the end of fossil fuels by 2030 and 100% renewable electricity accessible to all families by 2025, and we will launch the next steps on occupations, which we promise to duplicate and expand from Lisbon", said Alice Gato, remembering that in November six schools were occupied and that the goal is now set at 12, with some outside the capital.

"We want to be more disruptive", concluded the activist.

The movement for climate justice held the 8th National Meeting for Climate Justice in Coimbra today, having approved a new Global Climate Strike on March 3, a demonstration on March 25 against dams in the Tagus River, more occupations for the End of the Fossil from April 26, a protest action at the Gas terminal, in Sines, on May 13, and the filing of a lawsuit against the State "based on non-compliance with the defense of the Basic Climate Law".

According to the organization, the meeting in Coimbra brought together more than 300 participants and dozens of organizations.

"The priorities outlined for the beginning of 2023 by the Movement for Climate Justice include the fight against the rising cost of living along with the climate crisis and halting the exploitation of fossil fuels and betting on false solutions", points out in the statement, which promises "to do so by radicalizing and diversifying tactics".

"The crises we are experiencing cannot be normalized", said Carolina Falcato, from Climáximo, quoted in the statement, concluding: "We need to find the courage within the scare to fight them, but we can only do it together; all people need to mobilize and participate in actions that create 'disruption to stop the destruction' climate".