1,300 cruise passengers who arrived in Lisbon to be repatriated

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The Portuguese authorities have started a repatriation operation for more than 1,300 passengers who arrived in Lisbon today on a cruise ship, of which 27 were Portuguese, as part of the measures to combat covid-19, informed the Government.

According to a note from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), the cruise ship MSC Fantasia, from Brazil, arrived in Lisbon today with 1,338 passengers, of which 27 are Portuguese citizens.

The MAI states that the remaining passengers are from 38 countries (mostly from the European Union, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia), with the operation taking place “in conjunction with several embassies in these countries”.

The joint operation intends to “comply with current regulations, in order to ensure public health”, determined by the state of emergency, and will take place over the next few days.

"The ship docked this morning at the Port of Lisbon and passengers remain on the ship to carry out all the procedures for disembarking, namely authorization by the health authority", added the ministry.

According to MAI, the 27 Portuguese citizens and holders of residence permits in Portugal will be tested for SARS-CoV-2 viruses this afternoon, "being able to disembark if the results are negative".

The local health authorities will provide these passengers with “information about the current state of emergency and the need for quarantine”.

“As of Tuesday, and after all authorization procedures have been verified by the health authority, the remaining passengers of the ship will disembark, who, in transit, will be escorted to Humberto Delgado airport, for humanitarian flights back to their countries of origin ”, he explained.

The General Directorate for Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities, the Foreigners and Borders Service, the National Civil Aviation Authority, the General Health Directorate, the Public Security Police, the Maritime Police, the Tax Authority and ANA participate in the operation. - Airports in Portugal.

The ban on disembarking passengers from cruise ships, except for residents in Portugal, was one of the measures enacted by the Government when the state of alert was declared on 12 March.

Portugal, which registered on Saturday 12 deaths and 1,280 confirmed infections, has been in a state of emergency since 00:00 on Thursday and until 23:59 on 02 April.


People might like to ask themselves why this all seeing, all loving, all knowing god who they love so much & who is supposed to love them, caused, created and started spreading this killer virus in the first place.

By Erica from UK on 24-03-2020 09:57

I am currently on board the MSC Fantasia, hoping to disembark on Thursday, March 26th for my scheduled flight back to Canada. MSC has done such an incredibly poor job of managing this crisis. We were told last night that all passengers must remain in their cabins until they are cleared for disembarkation. Right now there is no food service; not even a cup of coffee. There appears to be hundreds of staff working the dining rooms, buffet, bars etc. We have no idea what these people are doing this morning but it's not feeding guests. Apparently 600 passengers are disembarking today but I fail to see what disembarking passengers have to do with food service for the remaining guests. This is undoubtedly the worst cruise company I have ever used. If the cruise industry ever rebounds from this crisis I recommend NEVER booking with MSC. Thank you for allowing me this space; I'm desperately in need of my coffee!!

By Cheryl Stead from Lisbon on 24-03-2020 08:38

The world has turned apart
Let's all put hands together and sick for God, s help either you believe in God or not
Different religion's

May God have a mercy on us
My heart' to those who lost their loved one's
What have we done
Why are we dying like flies

By Lydia from Lisbon on 22-03-2020 06:37
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