As a huge fan of Louis Theroux, I was happy when he announced a new book ‘Gotta Get Theroux This’.
Louis Theroux grew up surrounded by privilege and connections. Love him or hate him he has a very unique approach to interviewing. One of the key ingredients in his documentaries is how a seemingly normal guy ends up in weird situations or scenarios.

So, it was interesting to read about the beginning stages of his career right up until some of his most recent documentaries.

Reading this book provides wonderful insights into some of the documentaries that Theroux has made. Whilst reading his stories you find out how Theroux felt towards the subjects of the documentaries. We also get a glimpse of the kind of subjects that inspire him to keep making documentaries. Theroux spends time on his encounters with Jimmy Savile. He spends time trying to understand his relationship with Savile and how he was blindsided by the Savile revelations and how he never really got him to admit to his wrongdoings.

Theroux comes across as any normal person full of emotions, struggles and confidence issues. His wit and sense of humour all shine through on the pages.
I was surprised at how honest Theroux gets in this book as he reveals some very personal stories during the book.