Consideration has been an incredibly prevalent theme during the pandemic: considering how we interact with others, considering our priorities and what really matters, and above all, considering our futures.

It is a natural consequence, during a period of global unpredictability, to have doubts about your investments and financial strategy. When headlines continue to alarm, ‘opportunists’ continue to scaremonger and our most ingrained social behaviours are restricted, we know that some clients are understandably unsettled and look to us for guidance.
There are, however, a few basic principles that will serve you well to remember when you are looking to invest during uncertain times.

Evaluate your goals
If you have experience working with a financial adviser, you will be familiar with the depth of questions around your life goals and ambitions.

Why are you choosing to invest? What are you planning to achieve?
Set your intentions and stick to them. Whether you are saving for a rainy day or your dream home, building a nest egg for your children’s education or planning an early retirement in a beautiful location, it is crucial to stay focused on your purpose.

Not only is the incentive important, but being clear in your objectives will also remind you to stick to your guns and not ‘cash out’ too early if markets start to drop.

Remove the emotion
The golden rule above all else is to remove all emotion from your decision-making. Uncertainty makes people anxious and so having worries about your financial future is not uncommon right now. However, making a rash, knee-jerk decision may bear unfavourable ramifications upon your investments.
Remember, this will pass. Keep a level head when it comes to making choices that will impact your future.

Check yourself
Understanding your own attitude to risk is paramount to any conversation to do with investments.
Of course, the greater the risk, the greater the potential return however some investors choose to play it safe; a strategy which cannot be dismissed when markets are in a state of flux.
While there are pros and cons for every route you could take, the best solution is to align your investments with your comfort zone to ensure your own peace of mind.

D is for…
Any adviser worth their salt will tell you to never put all your eggs in one basket.

Diversify, diversify and then diversify again. Keeping your investments spread out is an effective risk management strategy and will ensure that your portfolio is not restricted to any one company or sector.

A varied portfolio is a stable one, and will give you security through the inevitable ups and downs.

Play the long game
Investing, whatever the financial climate, should never be a short-term strategy. My clients often hear me say ‘it isn’t timing the markets, it’s time in the markets’ and this is very important to remember.
If you are saving for retirement, the sooner you start investing, the better. Foresight is key, so setting aside funds to work harder for you in the long term is pivotal to securing a comfortable lifestyle later in life and protecting your loved ones.

Markets will rise and fall; trust your adviser, stick to your strategy and you will reap the benefits further down the line.

Ask the experts
Curating a resilient, futureproof financial strategy takes time, takes knowledge and takes experience.

Find an adviser that will get to know you and truly understand your aspirations and goals. Someone who understands your personal circumstances and will tailor robust financial solutions to suit your needs.

No one person is the same and advice shouldn’t be either. The best support you will find is in someone who keeps your best interests at the heart of all plans.

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