Cancer diagnosis delays due to Covid-19

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Portugal is “generating a mountain” of cancer cases due diagnostic delays.

Tamara Milagre, president of the Association for Support of Genetic-Related Genes with Cancer - EVIT, said that the scenario “is now catastrophic” for these patients because “when the pandemic started, any non-covid patient went to the back of the line”.

“In oncology, there will be many late diagnoses. People are in panic. We made a great effort to hire a psychologist to consult with members”, said Tamar Milagre in an online seminar organised by Apifarma.

Before the pandemic, the waiting time for genetic tests that are used to try to prevent the risk of developing cancers of hereditary origin were already poor according to the association, involving “one year waiting for the first appointment, another year waiting for the test result, if it was performed within the National Health Service and then two years for preventive surgery. Four years is enough time for a person to get sick”, she said.

She warned that the suspension of medical services and activities scheduled to concentrate resources in combating the pandemic is "generating a mountain of diseases that would be potentially curable or preventable".

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I am am 3 times cancer surviver and early last year after my 3rd operation I was told I was to have Genetic testing but even then before COVID-19 I was told it would be 12months at least before I would get it and I have heard nothing I see my oncologist 26th of this month and will ask her the cost of having it done privately,I think this prioritisation is a death sentence for some of us Cancer patients.

By Margaret Stephenson from Beiras on 10-11-2020 07:39

Question everything ALWAYS ...
Ask : Since the start of Covid how many Cancer patients have indeed been effected from the lack of priority given to them based on duty of care ?
Ask : What is the agenda behind the scenes when we are talking about soaring deaths under the covid positive pretence when false positives are today being seen everywhere one turns to see.
Ask: What is the TRUE agenda behind the scenes ?
Ask: What is the TRUE intention of those who we believed were in power to care for our all being in civil society.
Remember, the Truth is only for those who seek it.
Never Forget.

By David Schumann from Lisbon on 07-11-2020 05:46

This is all well known, but despite the current course of action is taken by a large number of governments. Big question! Is the C19 cure supposed to be the big killer?

By John Dough from Lisbon on 07-11-2020 04:30

Just goes to show what a scam this Chinese plague really is. It's all about the Great Reset. Wake up people! The authorities do not have your best interests at heart.

By George from Other on 07-11-2020 02:10
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