According to the organisation, between the 15 and 30 November they will be showing seven films, "seven stories that melt the borders of the continent and celebrate European citizenship". They will be available to stream on the platform Among the seven films chosen, one is Manuel Mozos' "Ramiro", which is "a slightly biographical fiction about an alfarrabista and a Lisbon that exists out of this time”, which the director told Lusa, when the film premiered in theaters in 2018.

In this second edition of Europa 6.1, there will also be the Luso-French production "Life in the Woods" by Alan Raoust, a fiction about adolescence and "stories of community gardens" by Yann Tonnar. It shows how several communities live together around a local garden project in southern Luxembourg. The programme will also pass through Austria, with the fiction "Macondo", by Sudabeh Mortezai, through Hungary with the comedy "Brasileiros" by Csaba Kiss and Gábor Rohonyi. Poland, with "Fuga", by Agnieszka Smoczynska and by the Czech Republic "Karel, you and I", by Bohdan Karásek.