It will be a wet weekend in Lisbon with heavy rain expected on Saturday, but easing off and warming up on Sunday with temperatures reaching highs of 21 degrees and lows of 12. Monday will see the return of the sun but with heavy cloud cover all week. Temperatures will stay around lows of 12 degrees and highs of 21 degrees.

The north:
The North will see a 95 percent chance of rain this weekend with temperatures reaching a high of 19 degrees and lows of 14 degrees. Monday will see the rain leave as the temperature continues to rise with a high on Tuesday of 22 degrees. However Wednesday will see a return of the rain with highs of 20 degrees and lows of 12 degrees.

The centre:
Light rain is predicted in the Centre this weekend with some spells of sunshine on Sunday and temperatures reaching a high of 18 degrees and lows of 14 degrees. The week will continue to be cloudy with temperatures reaching a high of 19 degrees and dropping as low as 10 degrees later in the week.

The south:
Some light rain is expected on Saturday with the temperatures as low as 15 degrees but rising to 20 degrees. Sunday will see the end of the rain for the remainder of the week, as the temperatures will rise during the day with highs of 22 degrees but falling as low as 12 degrees at the end of the week.