Costa expects Joe Biden to return to transatlantic relationship

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 13-11-2020 01:00:00 · 12 Comments

The Prime Minister said he hoped that the election of Joe Biden would represent the “rebirth” of the transatlantic relationship and his country’s return to multilateralism in the resolution of global problems.

These positions were conveyed by António Costa at the end of his interview with TVI, after he questioned the Democratic candidate’s victory in the US presidential election.

“I hope that with the election of Joe Biden the transatlantic relationship can be reborn, which is particularly important for a country like Portugal, precisely with its Atlantic dimension that the autonomous regions provide, having a unique relationship with the United States of America within Europe. So I think this is an opportunity,” he said.

For António Costa, “both the relationship between Europe and the United States and the fact that Joe Biden said that on the first day of his mandate he would return to the Paris Agreement, obviously giving a boost to all those who perceive that climate change is really the highest priority for the livelihood of humanity.

“When Joe Biden says he wants to make a major global convention for the defence of democracy, the fight against corruption, totalitarianism, the promotion of human rights, that is good news. When [Joe Biden] wants to take up a multilateral vision - and hopefully the United States will return to the World Health Organisation (WHO) - I think this is good news for the world,” he added.

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hahahahha. some low-IQ portuguese cod muffins say nasty things about USA's president Trump. Portugal is 11.5 million people with big mouths.

Portugal is supposedly neutral when other nations fight. That's so they can tell the winner."we were with you!."

Costa is an idiot. proof that he is portuguese.

By rod from USA on 03-01-2021 04:11

Well said Mr Pinto!

By Diana Krogh from Beiras on 14-11-2020 10:28

For moron think Trump. Self interest rules. The most backward and self absorbed country in the world.

By Diana Krogh from Beiras on 14-11-2020 10:26

I totally agree with Thomas Pinto.

By Sunny Aikoriegie from USA on 14-11-2020 03:43

Your clearly brainwashed Thomas or just need to leave your bubble and see what the rest of the world is like. This is why retired Americans flee America and go to countries like Portugal, you have no real economy, cheap living and laid back lifestyle. Please don’t think the lack of US politics that you have will fly here!

By Desiree from USA on 14-11-2020 03:06

Most disappointing to see a misguided person from Portugal make comments that are incorrect. Thomas clearly doesn't do research and just repeats media talking points . Yes, Trump is an awful president, we know. But electing Joe Biden benefits the American Military Industrial Complex way more than Trump. One third of Biden's transition team gets money from the weapons industry. As Vice President, Biden oversaw the wars in Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and more. Please pay attention to Biden's cabinet members, all war mongers and big banking criminals. Kamala Haris drew heavily from CNAS to adviser her campaign. CNAS embraces pro war foreign policy and escalation with China and Russia. Biden says he will further increase military spending in 2021. Looks like Biden has America getting back to business as usual (WAR). The Paris Agreement doesn't even stop pollution, it creates a system to tax countries who exceed their carbon "budget". They will just pay the tax to the IPCC and keep polluting. All of this tax money is not based on tangible goods or services and is basically funny money that can be traded. Seems a lot like fractional-reserve banking. Both Trump and Biden are horrible for the US and the EU. Do your homework before posting . Força Portugal !

By medico from Lisbon on 14-11-2020 12:13

Total agree with Danial and Desiree Sturiale. Portugal is Socialist back up by the Communist party. They have little regard for E.U civil rights laws and regulation, will not recognize English as an acceptable langage even though it is signed into the LISBON treaty. These reasons are why Portugal remains the poorest country in South west Europe.

By Ian from Lisbon on 14-11-2020 09:14

Thank you Thomas for repudiating the trolls. It's scary to see how easily democracy can be drowned in a flood of primitive conspiracy nonsense. Biden's election means that the Trump nightmare is over and once more there's hope for the future, not least for saving the planet.

By Felix from UK on 13-11-2020 05:45

Daniel and Desiree are spot on. Thomas Pinto is the misguided one, as he will find out IF China Joe is certified as president, which he has not been to date. Trump, while far from perfect, has, amongst many great achievements, overseen the rise of America's economy to the strongest point it has ever reached, only to be undermined by the CCP and their virus; a virus which will quickly disappear IF China Joe and his corrupt family are ever installed in the WH.

By George from Other on 13-11-2020 03:25

Most disappointing to see two misguided people from the USA make comments that are incorrect. The election of Joe Biden is great for America and the rest of the world. 4 years of a Donald Trump run administration where lies, misinformation, bullying, are amongst a long list wrongful doings carried out by him and his GOP lackeys were sad to see. The world and America is better of without Trump and you two Daniel and Desiree need a reality check. Suppose your two deluded Trump supporters. Get a grip and don't spread falsehoods in reputable Portuguese publication. We Portuguese are not fools like the gullible stupid 72 million American's that voted for the Con man Trump. He does not care about anybody but himself let alone you two. Forca Portugal!

By Thomas Pinto from Lisbon on 13-11-2020 12:59

As an American I can tell you Biden is the reason for corruption in the USA and is elected to have business as usual for the globalist elites. The international bodies from football to nuclear proliferation are rife with corruption, but that is the way the EU and the USA like it because they can do their dirty deeds and deny complicity while they all hide their trillions in off shore banks

By Daniel from USA on 13-11-2020 05:32

Prime minister Costa is obviously a moron if he thinks Biden has any of Portugal interests at heart. Biden’s interests are what will line his pockets not the American nor Portuguese people. Maybe you should focus on your countries development first by leaving the EU you putz

By Desiree Sturiale from USA on 13-11-2020 02:03
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