Physical and mental disturbances are often unknown. Things that often seem simple, might be more than meets the eye. Why do we feel sad? Why do we constantly have toxic relationships? Why are we predisposed to certain kinds of health problems? Is it possible to change that? Jean-Philippe Marcoux explains that everyone is able to begin the self-healing process.

According to Jean-Philippe Marcoux, we follow a pattern that is not ours. The same pattern has been transferred from generation to generation, by father and mother, grandparents and so on.

The creation of our personality structure begins even before conception. “Parents’ feelings, emotions, energy, give shape to the baby’s archetype. This energy charge comes from their parents, and othe types of memorie. It starts there, long before the moment of birth and goes on until the child is three years old. “The baby takes the charge related to the nervous system, through the information given by his mom and dad”, he said. So if the mom was frustrated with the pregnancy because her partner is not “the one” and she felt forced to marry him, the baby will feel it, without making any distinction between its own emotions and the parents’ energy. Additionally, it will learn “to deal with things it doesn’t like but has to do anyway”, he said.

No one remembers it consistently, off course. However, this will influence our entire life: feelings, tastes and health conditions. How does it work? An example easy to understand that Jean Philippe Marcoux shared, are regular visits by grandparents of the newborn baby.

When the grandparents meet the baby for the first time they joke: “Look! He looks like his grandparent, he is ugly like him!” this simple joke creates a programme that will continue throughout the baby’s life with consequences such as lower self-esteem and a belief that he is actually ugly. “The baby is like a sponge, it absorbs everything”, the doctor said. The baby does not hear the words and what they mean, but rather absorbs the energy.
The archetype also built a profession option. In other words, the family always has an influence on the children’s choices. Every time the infant goes to hospitals, sees doctors helping others and hears parents also reinforce that being a doctor is a good job. “So he wants to be a medical doctor and he becomes one, but he will feel that something is missing, but he doesn’t understand what. He is able to be a wonderful doctor, but whenever he goes to a dance show he wants to go on stage, because for three generations, his grandparents were dancers. He is successful in his medical career, but he prefers to dance”, clarified Jean-Philippe Marcoux.

How can we change those patterns?

The doctor mentions three essential key-phrases to focus on what we really are. “I am what I am”; “I follow what I am”; and “I am what I am following”.
“We have been programmed to look through certain windows and we think the world is only that”. However, Jean Philippe Marcoux’s job is to show others the infinite human being we are and the many windows that we have in front of us.
“When you realise that you are not living your life, but the life of the programme, you will for the first time understand something new”, explained the doctor. In the exact moment, the feeling can be related to depression, fear or sadness. From there arises the need to discover who we really are.

Then, after we start living a life written by us “the first sensation is joy, the second is peace, and then we only want to share the light we are and our love”, expressed the doctor.
So when this state of spirit is achieved, “all we want to do is share our love with others”. To be with ourselves and follow our soul, find the path that only we are able to write and then take advantage of what that individuality has to offer.