“Organic farming is a priority”

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The Minister of Agriculture said on 10 November, in parliament, that biological farming is a priority for the government, noting that it has already received 139 million Euros from the Rural Development Programme (PDR) 2020.

The leader of the Agriculture Ministry also said that an announcement had been issued for investment in the farm, the deadline for which had been extended at the request of the beneficiaries, with three million Euros in funding.

As noted by the minister, this notice received 272 applications with a proposed investment of 55 million Euros.

“There is a big adherence by our farmers to these measures and this agricultural practice”, she stressed.

Maria do Céu Antunes also said that, at the moment, the PDR 2020 has given 139 million Euros to support the creation and maintenance of biological farming for about 4500 beneficiaries, according to the latest data reported until July.

The minister also said that the government wants to open these measures to new beneficiaries next year.

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Where can I apply for help

By John Marais from Other on 16-11-2020 06:01

I am farming in Botswana will you be willing to help me to

By Kosie from Other on 16-11-2020 05:23

First i wld like to thank the gorvernment for the funds allocated for organic farmers. I also wish that i can be given such opportunity to learn and practice organic farming. Well i try doing it in my oen house but due to the shortage of water and rain , what ever i plant ends up dying and thats a very painful experience. How i wish i knew which door to knock so that my dream can come true . i love farming and i wish i can be given the opportunity to learn and do more.

By Cebisile Hlambo from Other on 16-11-2020 05:07

I love Maria do Céu Antunes

Could someone please look into the amount of 'Roundup' being used in national parks/mountain areas as they appear to be feeding glyphosate to farmers and locals.

According to American Court cases, our bodies don't like them. The pay out for cancer claims is in the billions, so the papers say.

Just a thought.

By Stephen Walker from Other on 16-11-2020 03:34

Apply the Five Principles:

1 - Minimize Soil Disturbance (do not plow)
2 - Maximize Crop Diversity ( the opposite of monoculture)*
3 - Keep the Soil Covered at all times*
4 - Maintain Living Roots at all times*
5 - Integrate Livestock in your operation

And a 6th principle:

Understand the Context of Your Farm Operation.

*Bare soil is dead soil. You want as much life in the soil to capture as much water as possible, filling your underground water reservoirs. Bare soil is where grasshoppers lay their eggs. When you plow you create the environment for pests to breed. Plant and crop diversity feeds pollinators and creates another way for the farmer to make a profit, instead of relying on a yearly crop that is addicted to chemicals.

If the government is truly committed and serious about organic farming at a larger scale, then it should help de-regulate farming, thus minimizing predatorial practices of international large scale agricultural operations detrimental to all
Portugal's Average Yearly Precipitation is pretty good. The droughts this country is affected by are mainly due to poor agricultural habit.

By Anonymous but a good one from Other on 16-11-2020 02:33
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