Rodrigo Areias' film "Surdina" wins three awards at Catalan festival

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The feature film "Surdina", by Portuguese director Rodrigo Areias, won three awards on 7 November, including best picture, at the Girona International Film Festival in Spain.

"Surdina" was also distinguished with the award for best original soundtrack, composed by guitarist Tó Trips, and won the award for best photography, signed by Jorge Quintela.

The 32nd Girona International Film Festival, had no in-room screenings because of Covid-19, but all the films in the lineup were seen by the jury, who awarded the awards. "Surdina", which premiered in July in Portuguese cinemas, is the latest fiction by producer and director Rodrigo Areias, and features a screenplay by writer Valter Hugo Mãe.

The film was shot in the historic centre of Guimarães and in São Cristóvão de Selho, in the municipality of Vimaranense, places with familiar contact points for both Rodrigo Areias and Valter Hugo Mãe. The story stars the actor António Durães, who plays the role of Isaque, a lonely man who tries to deal with the passage of time, with old age and with the comments, spoken in mute from friends and neighbors, about his wife’s return to the village, who everyone thought had died.

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“...about his wife’s return to the village, who everyone thought had died.” May I say, as a former editor, that any journalist worth his or her salt would have rewritten this awkward and ungrammatical sentence as, “...comments from inhabitants of his village, and the surprising return of his wife, who had been thought dead.” If left as it is, the sentence reads as if it is the village that died!

By Jude Irwin from Beiras on 27-12-2020 09:57
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