The documentary and fiction by directors Tomás Barão da Cunha and Rodrigo Tavares, respectively, ‘represent’ Portugal in the competition. Guy Charnaux, Lucas H. Rossi Dos Santos, Henrique Amud, Giovanna Giovanini and Rodrigo Boecker are the Brazilian ‘representatives’ at the event.

The festival is organized by Creative Macau - Center For Creative Industries and Institute of European Studies of Macau, with the support of the local government, carried out with local and international productions, focusing on two competitions: 'shorts' and 'volume', launched annually in March.

This year, of the 4,232 works received, lists of finalists were made up, comprising 132 films, which will be shown between the 2 and 7 December. The first Portuguese film (animation) of the event is called “Noites em claro”, by Guy Charnaux, born in Rio de Janeiro, whose films were shown in 80 festivals in more than 30 countries.

This is followed by the documentary “Aegean”, which focuses on the drama of refugees, by the young Lisboner Tomás Barão da Cunha.

“Stunned, I remain alert” are other of the Brazilian films in the competition, directed by Lucas Rossi dos Santos and Henrique Amud, in which human rights are discussed, three decades after the end of the military dictatorship in Brazil. Giovanna Giovanini and Rodrigo Boecker sign two “Who killed Chiquito Chaves?”, A 40-year journey through the history of Brazilian journalism.

Finally, "Desertor" is the Portuguese film made by Rodrigo Tavares, born in Brasília, director of photography and producer, known for the films "Transfugo" (2019), "A discussion" (2008) and "A margin" (2018).