The selection of Best European Destinations was released by the US magazine Forbes and was based on “several criteria, including the existence of an international schools, quality of life, the health system, internet connection, proximity to airports with international flights, cost of living, active foreign community and a low crime rate”.

Among the best 20 places for North Americans to “live, invest, retire or create new projects”, which were distinguished among 120 possibilities, are two regions and one Portuguese city.

The list is not numbered and the article does not specify whether the order in which the destinations appear translates into a hierarchy, but what is certain is that Braga appears first.

Two important qualities are mentioned as “openness and entrepreneurship”, as several start-ups and multinationals are there and the city has already hosted international events.

In defense of this destination, the publication recalls that “the Portuguese people are qualified and hard-working and speak much better English than many of their European neighbours”.

Also “the speed and efficiency” with which the district capital dealt with Covid-19 are pointed out as an example of its “capacity for innovation and dynamism”.

Portugal appears again in eighth place, where the Algarve sun takes the lead, but also the existence of several international schools and good internet connection networks in many of the big cities are reasons to exchange the American continent for the Algarve.

The list, which opens with a Portuguese destination, closes in the same way, with the Azores taking the 20th place.

The magazine also highlights that “the nine islands of the Azores are well connected - at affordable prices - to each other by plane and boat” and have “direct daily flights to the Portuguese mainland and the United States”.