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Experts on bedroom style reveal their top tips to Gabrielle Fagan, so you can create your perfect sleeping space.

A bedroom is arguably the most important room in your home. It’s a space just for you - and possibly your partner - where you can relax, shut off from the outside world. So, if yours is in need of an update, let our experts help you with the ultimate seasonal transformation.

Keep it minimal, says Georgia Metcalfe, creative director of The French Bedroom Company

What’s your own bedroom style ?

“I like a minimalist style, as it helps to keep my mind clear and calm,” says Metcalfe. “Also, that makes it easy to add accessories to suit my mood, the seasons or the trends.”
“My black velvet bed is accessorised with a green velvet throw and cushion. Green’s been a huge trend for the last two years and I love the effect it has on my mood. “I am tempted for next season by a navy blue velvet throw, as I love the chic combination of navy and black together.

How do you create the perfect bedroom?

“Your bedroom’s your sanctuary, so make it a personal and private space” she suggests.

Over-complicated colour schemes should be avoided: “Far better to choose one base colour (white, ivory, cream, fawn or grey) and accessorise with an accent colour.
“A great alternative to colour is texture - just one single soft colour in multiple textures. I’m a huge fan of soft ivory in textures such as silk, lace, cotton, velvet, linen, wood, and cashmere or wool.”she says.

Play up the personality, says designer and TV star, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

What’s your own bedroom style?

“My bedroom has a lot of black, which anchors my scheme. Generally speaking, dark colours are better for bedrooms, because they create a more restful and cocooning atmosphere.” explains designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, whose new range for Appletree Living includes a black and gold Dandy duvet set, from £75.

“I’m very, very fond of our photographs, in fabulous heavy black frames, of our two daughters and

our family.”

“My favourite item is a lovely Georgian starburst mirror which I bought in a flea market and works really well,” he enthuses.
How do you create the perfect bedroom?

“The big thing is adding personality.” he urges. “So, if you feel like being Cleopatra, be Cleopatra! It’s about really letting go and not denying yourself - just go for it!
“You’re actually at your happiest when you inhabit a space that really reflects who you are, and a private, inner sanctum like a bedroom is the perfect place to express that.”

Flamboyant and stylish, Llewelyn-Bowen is no fan of minimalism or hiding possessions away.
“If you’ve got things that mean a lot to you, surround yourself with them!”

Bring in the light, says Andrew Tanner, design manager for Sainsbury’s Home & Argos Home

What’s your own bedroom style?

“Our room has Crittall-style wardrobes, which I love, as it allows for display in the bedroom and also adds a feeling of space and light,” reveals Tanner.”

“We have stripped floorboards reflecting the age of the property, which is a 200-year-old former post office."

“Framed photos of our children are grouped on one wall as a feature. The lighting is gentle, mainly floor and table lamps.”

How do you create the perfect bedroom?

“Make rooms relevant to your personality, but choose neutral paint which won’t date or restrict your colour choices accessories,” he advises.

“In winter, I love injecting new richly-coloured throws and accent cushions, and using them to layer the bed, which makes it look pampering and cosy.”

Store away for serenity, says Jacquie Dunton, creative director for Sweetpea & Willow

What’s your own bedroom style?

“My bedroom is mainly white with lots of light flowing through. I like a simple palette to clear my mind,” says Dunton.

“I love table displays and have a collection of china ring trays on my bedside table. Every so often, I’ll update the chandelier above the bed - it’s a simple change which has a big impact.

“In the colder months, I drape a pure white faux fur throw on my bed.”

How do you create the perfect bedroom?
“Keep the palette simple. Look for relaxing colours to paint the walls” she advises.

“Storage is everything. Built-in wardrobes, beds with in-built storage, are great ways to achieve a calm and tidy space.”

“Side lamps are such an important feature, especially in winter.”

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