“In Portugal, it is guaranteed not to be the price that will define which vaccine we will use,” Graça Freitas said during the usual press conference to monitor the epidemiological situation in the country.

Asked about the recent release of provisional results of clinical trials of two vaccines that point to levels of efficacy above 90 percent, the Director General of Health said that this is precisely one of the most relevant criteria.
In addition to efficacy, it will also weigh up proven safety, availability and characteristics.

On the characteristics, Graça Freitas explained that “often these vaccines may still be launched with indications for certain population groups for which they have already been tested.

In other words, if a candidate vaccine against Covid-19 is being tested in healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 64, it will be administered to that group and only after data on its safety and efficacy in other populations have been provided.

Also on the price of vaccines, Graça Freitas recalled that Prime Minister António Costa has already assured that vaccination against Covid-19 in Portugal will be done universally and free of charge.