“With Eurovision 2021 approaching, we can now reveal that all participants will have guaranteed the right to participate in the competition. Each country will create a 'live' recording before the contest, which can be used if the contestants are not able to travel to Rotterdam due to the pandemic, or if the Netherlands are in lockdown" the organisation said in a statement released today on the official Eurovision Song Contest website.

The 65th edition of the competition, which has been held annually in Europe since 1956, should have taken place in May this year in Rotterdam, but the European Broadcasting Union, considered that there were no conditions for its implementation due to the covid-19 pandemic, decided to delay it for a year.

The organisation explains that all participating television stations (in the case of Portugal is RTP) "will record a live performance of the competitor in their country". This recording "must be delivered before the event, will have to take place in a studio and in real time (as it would be in the contest), without any editing of the voice or any part of the performance, after it is recorded".

The organisation ensures that "a set of production guidelines will ensure the fairness and integrity of the contest." "Hopefully all, or most, of the contestants can travel to Rotterdam in May, but having the recording of the performance live ensures that it will be seen by millions of viewers, no matter what," the organisation said.

The semifinals of the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest are scheduled for the 18 and 20 May and the final for the 22nd of the same month.

In 2021 41 countries participate, as planned for this year. Portugal would be represented with the song "Medo de Sentir", performed by Elisa and composed by Marta Carvalho.

Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois (Portugal) LIVE at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Portugal won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 2017, with the song "Amar pelos dois", performed by Salvador Sobral, composed by Luísa Sobral. Following the victory, Lisbon hosted the competition in 2018.