Portuguese adopting more pets than buying

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 22-11-2020 20:00:00 · 5 Comments

A new study of Fixando reveals that 76 percent of Portuguese people when choosing an animal, prefer to adopt than buy.

With several publicity campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of adopting pets, the Portuguese, according to this investigation, have increasingly adhered to this cause.

Of the respondents, 64 percent say they have at least one pet, spending an average of €54 per month on their care. Of this group, 38 per cent reveal having children living and playing with these animals, and 83 percent believe that this interaction is positive and brings lots of benefits.

Additionally, 75 percent of respondents say there should be more support from the state for those who have pets - especially those who adopt rather than buy. Also, half of the respondents agree that the pet owner should be entitled to a day off work in the case of the death of a pet – something that was recently submitted to Parliament as a proposal.

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Sounds like a CATastrophy!

By William from Other on 26-11-2020 11:00

I thought the Portuguese were cat lovers! Why do they need dogs when they're breeding those cats in the basement where they catch their rats and they breed with the rats?


One of my family members was a victim of the Portuguese cats and died last year after having a tracheostomy and being on life support for over a year. There's so many of these cats in southern Ontario, Canada, that the trach extraction wards are severely short of beds.

The nerve of these people! They go around selling their rat/cats and even forcing people to take them in! When will the Authorities put a stop to this?

By Marika Tivos from Other on 24-11-2020 03:05

More wonderful news! There are far too many lovely animals in shelters that would make loving companions and deserve to find their permanent homes with owners who will look after them.

By Steve Andrews from Other on 23-11-2020 06:52

People of Portugal who adopt pets we salute you, but the whole take a day off work for mourning a death and support by the State ideas are kind of crazy

By Daniel from USA on 23-11-2020 08:08

Will Lagoa also get help? We have very deserving Cat charity's here that need help.?

By Rau from Algarve on 23-11-2020 07:48
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